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Julia Lee is the founder and Chief Investment Officer at Burman Invest. She has 20 years of experience in financial markets. Julia has worked in various market facing roles, including as an Equities Strategist with Bell Direct for 11 years. Her passion in markets is in combining fundamental and technical analysis to analyse companies.

Julia Lee is one of Australia’s best-known financial experts providing financial commentary to SKY News, Bloomberg, CNBC, ABC, Sunrise and on the radio and internet. Julia has also hosted several share market shows including “Your Money, Your Call”, “Equity Investor” and “Educated Investor” on Sky news, Sky Business Channel and the Your Money channel. She is a regular contributor to industry publications and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Julia Lee is on the board of directors for the Australian Stockbrokers Foundation. She has her Master of Business in Finance (MBus), is an accredited Derivatives Adviser 2 (ADA2(ASX)) and is RG 146 compliant.

Our Team

Arturo Rodriguez
Quantitative Research

Arturo Rodriguez heads Quantitative Research at Burman Invest. He is responsible for putting together systematic processes to improve the investment process. He has a passion for data science driven research and has over 20 years of experience in markets.
Arturo has extensive offshore experience including as a Quant Trader within derivatives at Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Scotland and Svenska Handelsbanken. He has worked on projects encompassing algorithmic trading, vessel tracking and commodity trade flow projections, macro-economic risk management, global equity selection strategy simulations and healthcare cost/clinical segmentation analysis on UK national data. Arturo also has an independent machine learning and analytics business called CoFlows and is a co-founder of Clear Macro. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Major in Analysis & Probabilities) from Stockholm University and has also studied PhD level courses in mathematical finance at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Michele Jackson

Michele has over 25 years’ experience both overseas and locally in the financial services industry with emphasis on fund management, banking, compliance and governance, lending and advisory services. Michele is an experienced fund manager and has managed funds in excess of AUD1.3 billion. Michele’s career has spanned corporate executive financial directorships in public and large proprietary companies in private health insurance, media, information technology and various consulting roles in banking, banking software and the pharmaceutical industry. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounts and Economics), Fellow Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) (London), Fellow CPA (Australia), Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (Finsia) and is a Fellow at Finsia.

Gretel Slater

Gretel is responsible for our marketing, promotional and networking activities. With over 12 years of experience spanning from large corporates to start-up, early-stage growth businesses, across a range of industries, Gretel brings a unique skill set and innovative view to the team. She is passionate about the growth of our business and is partnering with us on our journey. Gretel holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of New England.

Our Approach

Burman is a high conviction, index unaware, Australian equities manager.

The manager believes that a combination of earnings growth and price growth provides one of the strongest foundations for out-performance in stock portfolio returns over a 5-7 year horizon.

Through its investment process, Burman looks to identify companies with strong growth potential from its current base. The manager combines fundamental and technical analysis to create a portfolio in the Australian listed market space where the earnings profile is improving and share price action is also rising.

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Why Burman?

In a world of index type returns, we aim for more.

We understand cycles and during growth focus on strategies to capitalise on growth.
In times of turbulence, capital preservation is the focus.

The Fund’s investment objectives are:

  • Deliver strong performance in a rising price and earnings growth environment
  • Focus on capital protection in a falling price and declining earnings environment


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