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Burman Australian CONCENTRATED Shares Fund

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Burman is a high conviction, index unaware, Australian equities manager. The manager believes that a combination of earnings growth and price growth provides one of the strongest foundations for out performance in stock portfolio returns over a 5-7 year horizon.

Through its investment process, Burman looks to identify companies with strong growth potential from its current base. The manager combines fundamental and technical analysis to create a portfolio in the Australian listed market space where the earnings profile is improving and share price action is also rising.

Fund overview

Most things in life move in cycles and most businesses also have an underlying cycle. Burman look to ride upgrade cycles and avoid downgrade cycles. The manager seeks to gain exposure to positive structural changes while avoiding the negative ones and tends to avoid companies where competitive pressures are intensifying.

Our investment universe is the ASX 200. Average number of holdings is 15-25 stocks. We are index unaware. No single stock to exceed 8% at trade initiation.

There will be a greater move to capital preservation and to cash dependent on the macro economic cycle. As capital preservation is a key objective of the fund, if the fund manager believes that reverting to cash will protect capital, it could lead to the fund holding up to 100% of the portfolio in cash.

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Buy Price Sell Price Mid Price
Retail Class $0.9130 $0.9084 $0.9107
Wholesale Class $0.9159 $0.9114 $0.9136
* As at 29 April 2022
1 Month 3 Month 6 Month One Year
Benchmark -0.9% +8.2% +3.6% +10.2%
Wholesale Class -2.2% +5.3% -0.4% +2.8%
Retail Class -2.2% +5.3% -0.5% +2.6%
* As at 29 April 2022

We make the critical decisions on which shares are likely to outperform and when. Use our expertise to create wealth.


We will be opening our Burman Australian Shares Fund to new investments in January 2020. 

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