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Julia Lee, our Chief Investment Officer, 
is a regular contributor in Australia’s finance media and news.

Julia Lee interview with Red Leaf Securities

Monday 27 July 2020

Julia Lee, Chief Investment Officer of Burman Invest, is interviewed by Red Leaf Securities CEO John Athanasiou about her fund and also discusses her outlook on Australian equities.

We are very pleased that our very first guest is Australia’s best-known financial expert Julia Lee.

The Call on Auzbiz

Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Julia Lee joins Kochie on Auzbiz’s The Call.

Julia runs through her thoughts on 10 stocks: BAP, NVX, TWE, 360, SWF, TCXINT, RZI, VCX, OSX, BID. 

Her preferred picks on the show are BAP, SWF, RZI and BID.

Find out why she likes these stocks and the key things to watch out for.

The Call on Auzbiz

Monday June 1, 2020

Julia Lee joins Gary Glover from Novus Capital and Kochie as host on Auzbiz’s The Call.

Ten stocks, sixty minutes. Julia chats about what to buy, hold or sell.

Her favourite out of the bunch is GrainCorp (GNC)

The Close on Auzbiz

Monday May 25, 2020


Julia Lee joins The Close on Ausbiz, summing up the day’s market activities. The Aussie market closed out on a rare Monday high. 


Thursday May 21, 2020

Julia Lee joins Rachel on ABC’s The Business to discuss the market moves over the day.


Thursday May 21, 2020

This week on Talking Finance, Alan Kohler is joined by Chief Investment Officer at Burman Invest, Julia Lee, who shares her thoughts on the market’s optimism and why investors are pricing everything to go right.

AIA Webinar Series: Are equities a buy and if so, what shares look attractive

April 21, 2020

Julia Lee joins the Australian Investors Association in a webinar series to discuss investing when the world is in lockdown. 

Julia examines the market through three different lenses – Macro, Micro and Timing.

The Call on Auzbiz

Thursday April 16, 2020
Julia Lee joins Mark Moreland (Team Invest) and Kochie as host on Auzbiz’s The Call.

Ten stocks, sixty minutes. Teaminvest’s Mark Moreland and Julia Lee from Burman Invest go in-depth and stock-specific.

Here are the stocks we cover: 


Tuesday April 14, 2020
Julia Lee joins Elysse on ABC’s The Business to discuss the market moves over the day.

  • Westpac will be taking $1.43 billion provisions. The 1st half provisions are related to Austrac as well as potential credit losses due to COVID-19.
  • Capital raisings continue – this time QBE raising funds
  • Opec plus comes to a historical output agreement. What does the outlook for oil look like?
  • Important things to watch out for in the week to come: Job numbers (March) for Australia, China 1Q GDP, US earnings season

Switzer Tv: Investing

Monday April 13, 2020
Julia Lee joins Peter Switzer for an Easter Monday special.

Quick fire question and responses about the the state of the market due to COVID-19, current investments and what to look out for in the future.



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